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2.5 Second EMV – The Fastest EMV in the U.S.
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The Fastest EMV Experience In-Store

Index EMV with Quick Chip provides best-in-class security while significantly speeding up checkout. Dip your card anytime and remove it in 2.5 seconds—it’s that simple. With Index software in-store, it becomes quick and convenient to get fast EMV—we can turn it on overnight with a remote software update.

“The upgrade to Quick Chip was fairly invisible from our perspective. Once we decided to move forward, working with our partner Index, the process moved quickly. We appreciate the responsiveness of Index in cracking the code on this technology quickly so we can make our customers’ checkout experience better and faster.”

~ Brendan Lazarus • IT Manager of New Leaf Community Markets

How It Works

Index EMV with Quick Chip is fast, easy and secure. With pre-dip, customers can pay anytime – all card interactions are completed upon dip – and in 2.5 seconds they’re done. Not only is it incredibly fast, but it can happen before total, which means no extra time is tacked on to the end of the transaction. Additionally, Index’s semi-integrated payment architecture eliminates all retailer EMV certification, which means absolutely no work for you.

Traditional EMV

You insert your card in the reader and cannot remove it until the entire process is complete.

Index EMV with Quick Chip

There’s no need to wait for the entire process to be complete. You just dip your card at any point during the transaction, remove it, and you’re done.

“We’re known for having the friendliest cashiers in town and now we have faster checkout too. With this new technology from our partner Index, our customers can just dip their chip card and remove it—it’s simple, fast and friendly.”

~ Sean Teisher • Director of IT at New Seasons Market

Security Benefits of EMV

Counterfeit / Card Duplication Protection Embedded microchips make EMV cards more difficult to counterfeit.
Authentication SecurityA one-time-use security transaction code (“cryptogram”) only works when the card is present, providing a much higher degree of authentication security.
Card Skimming PreventionEMV prevents the fraudulent collection of card information through an unauthorized reader device placed over a merchant’s PIN pad.

Featured Partners

New Leaf Community Markets is First Merchant to Use Visa’s Quick Chip, Deployed by Index, to Speed Consumer Chip Card Transactions
Eighty Percent of Mastercard U.S. Consumer Credit Cards Have Chips. Index Helps Deploy M/Chip Fast to Speed Shoppers through Checkout

Index EMV with
Quick Chip


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