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Real-Time Campaign Measurement & Reporting

Actionable Insights

By better knowing your customers, you can better market to them. Empower your team to create promotions that effectively drive return visits and sales, and get real-time measurement of campaign performance across channels. Index pairs campaign data with machine learning to predict the most effective marketing strategies so you can make each campaign smarter than the last.

Real Dollar Impact & ROI

Index provides an unprecedented level of visibility into campaign performance across channels, so you always know the real ROI of every campaign.
Promoted Visits
Promoted Visits
Number of unique visits that used campaign coupon(s).
Promoted Visit Sales
Promoted Visit Sales
Net (full basket) sales from visits that used campaign coupon(s).
Promoted Item(s) Sales
Promoted Item(s) Sales
Net sales of discounted item(s) included in this campaign.
Promoted Item(s) Discount
Promoted Item(s) Discount
Total discount taken using coupon(s) from this campaign.

In-Store & Ecommerce Conversion

It can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of offline campaigns. Index solves this, giving you the same level of visibility into campaign performance as you’re used to with ecommerce. Every time you distribute a promotion, you can track whether it drives a sale. Whether you market to customers in-store, online or via mobile, always see the full scope of conversion—regardless of how your customers ultimately shop.
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Real Time, Every Time

Knowing what’s worked is just the beginning. By getting real-time insights, you can adjust campaigns accordingly, not just analyze performance post-mortem. With incoming data from every channel, you can see what works best—where, when and with whom. Why wait until the next campaign or season to put intel to action?
Real-time Updates
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