Index Connect

Get a single view of your customers and reach more shoppers through digital audience targeting.

Index Connect Gives Retailers the Tools to Win

Customer ID
for every customer to increase person-level insights and enhance personalization.

Contact Data
for more customers to dramatically increase reach through digital channels.

Customer ID – Achieve a Single View of the Customer

Identify anonymous store customers and build a single view of your customers across channels. When a customer shops online or in-store, Index generates a secure, retailer-specific Customer ID that uniquely identifies them based on their payment card, and links their in-store and e-commerce shopping behavior.

Recognize Anonymous Shoppers In-Store
Understand customer preferences, even if they haven’t enrolled in your loyalty program.
Connect Online & Offline Behavior
Get a single view of your customers across channels, regardless of how they shop and buy.
Create Powerful People-Based Marketing
With rich, omni-channel analytics, understand each customer in a whole new way.
Close the Loop on Marketing Attribution
Measure how online marketing drives in-store purchases.

“Companies with extremely strong omni-channel customer engagement see a 14.6% YoY increase in annual revenue.”

Aberdeen Group

Connect Network – Reach More of Your Customers

Engage customers that have always been out of reach. Index provides a Customer ID for every shopper, along with the ability to reach them through the expansive Index network.

Expand Your Reach to Previously Unaddressable Customers
Know more customers, even those who haven’t enrolled in your loyalty program or shared contact data with you.
Create Customer Segments to Target Online
Tap into the vast Connect Network to see if contact data exists for your customers.
Deliver Campaigns via People-Based Marketing Channels
Leverage the most popular channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest and Twitter to drive return visits and sales.
Close the Loop on Marketing Attribution
Measure the impact of your campaigns and optimize them for the next round of marketing.

As the Network Grows, So Do You!

Build Your Customer Database

Achieve a Single View of the Customer

Expand Your Reach

Recognize Anonymous Shoppers

Deliver People-Based Marketing

Drive Store Visits & Sales

Maximize Customer LTV

Measure Campaign Impact & Marketing ROI
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