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Recognize Every Shopper & Reach More Customers

Online Retail Has a Data-Driven Advantage

Online, every customer has an account, and each account has perfect contact data — name, email, phone, billing address and shipping address. Every search, click, browse and sale can be linked to a unique person and customer marketing can be targeted and measured.

An Account for Every Customer

Understand customer behavior and same-customer-sales over time — not just same-store sales, sales by department, or changes in inventory.

Contact Data for Every Customer

Reach customers with targeted messages informed by purchase behavior to effectively acquire and grow sales — while optimizing marketing ROI.

Offline Retail Has Massive
Data Gaps

Offline, retailers invest heavily to create an account and capture contact data for each customer — with inconsistent and limited results. Best-in-class efforts to-date have centered around loyalty programs, but even with high sign-up and participation rates, contact data is often limited, outdated or simply inaccurate.

Customer Accounts to Recognize Every Shopper

When a customer shops for the first time, Index generates a secure, retailer-specific identity token that uniquely identifies the shopper based on their payment card. Index captures their shopping behavior and evolving preferences to build a real-time, unified customer account, giving you a deep level of customer insight — with no operational / customer-facing impact.

Contact Data to Reach & Engage More Customers

At checkout, customers can easily sign up for e-receipts, loyalty and digital marketing by entering their email once, right on the PIN pad. Index connects email with payment card so that customers are automatically recognized the next time they shop. If you don’t have a loyalty program, no problem. E-receipts are all you need for customers to enjoy fast, personalized checkout while you build and grow your customer contact database. With more contact data, you can reach and engage more customers. And with Index’s unique POS integration, you’ll always know the real-time impact of every marketing campaign so you can optimize ROI.
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