Fairway Market
Fairway Market — a leading food retailing destination with 15 stores in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut — offers customers a differentiated one-stop shopping experience. Fairway Market’s collaboration with Index enables them to future-proof their stores, enhance security and personalize engagement across online and offline channels.

Personalized Shopping Experiences

A unified customer database, built with Index, gives Fairway Market a unique advantage to benchmark customer health and measure same-customer sales across their stores — a valuable asset for creating tailored and relevant engagements. Index’s intelligent algorithms leverage customer purchase history, enabling Fairway Market to deliver personalized experiences on the channels where customers engage — email, mobile, facebook and in-store.
E-Receipts with Product Recommendations
Fairway Market offers e-receipts for its customers across all stores. When a customer signs up for e-receipts and opts-in to personalized communications at checkout, their email address is tied to their payment card and they’ll automatically receive an e-receipt upon their next visit. Fairway Market is also rolling out product recommendations on e-receipts to offer helpful suggestions for shoppers.
Facebook Connected In-Store
As one of Facebook’s first partners for its new Offline Conversions API, Index unlocks the full potential of Facebook ads in-store. Index, coupled with Facebook’s platform, gives Fairway Market better insight into their customers and full visibility through to offline conversion to optimize campaigns in real-time.

Customer Database

Index uses customer payment cards as unique identifiers and captures line-item transaction data to build an account for every Fairway Market shopper, unified across stores and online. Index software seamlessly enables Fairway Market customers to opt-in for e-receipts, loyalty and personalized marketing directly on the PIN pad at checkout.

Index Hosted Gateway + Semi-Integrated Payments

Index’s solution for Fairway Market provides turnkey EMV, P2PE and processing flexibility—at a lower overall cost.

POS & Processor Integration with Toshiba ACE + Vantiv

PIN Pad Integration with Verifone MX915

Point-to-Point Encryption

Index uses 2048-bit RSA encryption technology to provide P2PE for in-store transactions. With a combination of asymmetric key encryption and periodic key rotation, Index encrypts card data from the moment of use to prevent hacking and fraud.

Turnkey EMV

Index manages all EMV certifications — Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard — so Fairway Market can leverage the full benefits of EMV compliance, without the hassle.

Apple Pay & Android Pay

With Index, Fairway Market can easily accept a variety of tender types, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, credit, debit, EMV, EBT and eWIC.

Robust Device Management

Centralized configuration and remote PIN pad management makes it fast and convenient for Fairway Market to deploy software and content updates.
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