New Seasons Market
A leading natural foods grocer, New Seasons Market operates 17 stores in Oregon and Southwest Washington and one store in San Jose, California. It also owns and operates five New Leaf Community Markets in Northern California, and plans to open stores in North Portland, Seattle and two new locations in Northern California. New Seasons Market’s collaboration with Index will help them deepen their existing customer relationships and establish new strong ties as they grow.
POS & Processor Integration:
Toshiba 4690 & First Data
New Seasons Market processes payments with First Data and uses the Toshiba 4690 Operating System, one of the retail industry’s premier point-of-sale (POS) platforms. The 4690 system is widely recognized for its robust functionality and rock-solid reliability. The system’s integration with Index enhances the customer experience by improving in-store security and integrating the checkout experience with e-mail and mobile communication channels.
PIN Pad Management with P2PE & EMV for Verifone MX925
By integrating directly with Verifone PIN pads, Index brings enhanced security to the 4690 platform and enables New Seasons to tailor each customer’s experience at checkout. In addition, Index is working with New Seasons Market to further enhance security with support for EMV, the global smartcard standard coming to the US in October 2015. Index also helps New Seasons Market dynamically update PIN pad content through a simple web interface, making it easy to further enhance and personalize the checkout experience.


Index’s PIN pad integration also gives New Season Market customers the new option of receiving an e-mailed receipt instead of a paper one. After an opted-in customer enters an e-mail address, it is linked to her credit or debit card so she can automatically receive e-mail receipts upon return visits. With customer consent, New Seasons e-mails receipts along with personalized content, including relevant recipes and product recommendations for added value and deeper customer relationships.


In 2015, New Seasons Market will launch its Index-powered custom mobile app for iPhone and Android. When an opted-in customer arrives in-store, the mobile app uses iBeacon / Bluetooth to provide a personalized welcome which may include customized product recommendations to drive in-store discovery. Based on stored preferences, the customer will be able to receive real-time personalized offers and check-out in a fast, secure manner without ever taking their phone or wallet out.
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