The Fresh Market Expands its Customer Database to Personalize Marketing and Drive Sales
The Fresh Market, which operates 178 stores in 24 states, is a specialty grocer focused on providing delicious, fresh food for its guests through an inviting and unique shopping experience. Through its partnership with Index, The Fresh Market has been able to grow its customer database, enhance the customer experience with e-receipts and personalized marketing, and ultimately drive return visits, sales and loyalty.
178 Stores in 24 States
Customer Database, E-Receipts, Automated Marketing

“Index is helping us transform the way we run our business and engage with guests. We now have the ability to recognize and remember everyone that walks through our doors and uses a payment card; plus, give them a level of personalization that hasn’t been possible for brick-and-mortar retailers to do at scale. Our ability to reach out to these guests is a key step in our digital evolution, and we are excited about how this is already helping us to enhance the in-store experience.”

Chris Miller • Vice President, Strategy and Marketing at The Fresh Market
Challenges & Objectives
The Fresh Market wanted to increase the number of customers they could reach and engage, while enhancing every customer’s shopping experience both in-store and online. In 2016, The Fresh Market’s three primary personalized marketing objectives were to:
  • Triple their customer database.
  • Enhance the in-store experience with streamlined checkout and e-receipts.
  • Deliver more tailored marketing to drive store visits, sales and loyalty.
Index’s solution for The Fresh Market — built upon Index’s Semi-Integrated Payments and Hosted Gateway foundation — has enabled The Fresh Market to recognize every non-cash shopper, easily capture contact data at checkout, and engage more customers across in-store, online and mobile touchpoints.
Customer Database: An Account for Every Non-Cash Shopper

Index software has helped The Fresh Market create and grow a powerful customer database built around a unique and stable account for every customer paired with more contact data for more shoppers. When a customer shops for the first time, Index generates a secure, retailer-specific customer ID based on their payment card. This enables The Fresh Market to understand new vs. returning customers and respective shopping behavior, with no operational or customer-facing impact.

Customer Database: Contact Data for More Shoppers

At checkout, customers can easily sign up for e-receipts and digital marketing by entering their email once, right on The Fresh Market’s Verifone PIN pads. Index connects email with payment card so customers are automatically recognized the next time they shop.

Automated Marketing: Personalized Email Marketing

Index provides a suite of marketing tools for The Fresh Market to deliver personalized offers to customers. The Fresh Market can add recommendations, offers and messages to branded e-receipts, or use email campaigns to incentivize customers to return to store. The next time a customer shops, offers are applied automatically.

Automated Marketing: Online / Offline Conversion Measurement

With Index’s unique Toshiba ACE point-of-sale (POS) integration, The Fresh Market can measure the real-time impact of every campaign. Every time The Fresh Market distributes a promotion through e-receipts or email campaigns, the marketing team can track whether it drives a sale.

+12M Customer IDs
With an account for every payment card, The Fresh Market can see how many new and returning customers visit each day, understand customer behavior (sales, basket size, frequency), and measure same-customer-sales — not just same-store sales, sales by department, or changes in inventory.
+1M Customer Email Addresses
With seamless email capture on the PIN pad, The Fresh Market tripled its customer contact database in just eight months.
50% Open Rate on E-Receipts
Easy and convenient e-receipts have been rolled out across The Fresh Market’s stores — once customers sign up, they’ll automatically get e-receipts on future visits. With a 50% open rate, e-receipts are a valuable place for The Fresh Market to engage with their customers.
21% Increase in Frequency and 18% Increase in Basket
Among customers who began receiving email marketing and took advantage of an e-receipt welcome offer, The Fresh Market saw an increase in basket size by 18% and frequency by 21% over the subsequent two month period.
360° View into Conversion
With real-time visibility into online / offline conversion, The Fresh Market has been able to measure the real dollar impact of every campaign to fine-tune its strategy and increase its competitive advantage.
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