1-Second EMV
EMV the Way it Should Be
Fast, Simple and Secure
Get the fastest EMV experience in the US. Customers can dip anytime and remove their card in just one second. This new EMV (chip card) solution — built through a combination of technical innovation, product design and a deep understanding of retail environments — delivers speed, simplicity and security so your checkout can have it all.


First we reduced EMV to 2.5
seconds using Quick Chip.


Now it's even faster at just 1 second.
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Speed Through Technical Innovation

Quick Chip and M/Chip Fast
We use specifications created by Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover, which enable cards to be removed before total / authorization.

Index EMV Kernel
Index’s proprietary EMV kernel received Level 2 Certification from EMVCo and offers significant performance optimizations when a card is inserted.

Optimizations for the US Market
We eliminate legacy components of EMV that aren’t necessary for the online-only US market.
Simplicity Through Product Design

Streamlined Flow
We eliminate unnecessary steps and use 25% of the PIN pad screen to clearly guide customers through the transaction.

Dip Anytime
We remove confusion and save time by enabling customers to pay anytime, even before total.

Quick Dip
Index lets customers pay in one fluid motion – the dip is so fast their hand never leaves the card.
Bottom Line Impact

Capture Every Sale
Slow transactions and a confusing checkout experience create longer lines, and longer lines jeopardize sales because customers don’t want to wait. The speed of Index 1-Second EMV helps you capture every sale.

Reducing Operating Costs
Slow transactions lead to higher costs — more lanes, open for more hours, to complete the same number of transactions. Index 1-Second EMV speeds up transactions and eliminates these costs.
No Retailer Certification Required
Index’s semi-integrated architecture eliminates retailer EMV certification, which means no work for you.

The Next Generation of EMV
Index is working with networks and issuers to make transaction times even faster. We’ve identified an opportunity to update terminal transmission parameters (bus speed) for next generation EMV cards, which will enable customers to dip in a few hundred milliseconds.


Chase Visa + Standard Bus


Test Card + Fast Bus
Featured Partners
New Leaf Community Markets is First Merchant to Use Visa’s Quick Chip, Deployed by Index, to Speed Consumer Chip Card Transactions

Eighty Percent of Mastercard U.S. Consumer Credit Cards Have Chips. Index Helps Deploy M/Chip Fast to Speed Shoppers through Checkout


Quick Dip

Quick Chip &
M/Chip Fast


No Retailer

Next Payments & Security Solution

Point-to-Point Encryption

Industry-leading encryption technology with no P2PE fees. Index’s end-to-end encryption uses 2048-bit RSA encryption, asymmetric keys and periodic key rotation to secure your in-store transactions.