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Nightly, Hourly and Real-Time Transaction Data

Streamline Your Payment Reviews

With Index’s simple, web-based tools, your team can quickly and easily find and resolve settlement discrepancies. First, review Processor Totals each day to make sure you received accurate settlement. If there are any discrepancies, access Index Totals to pinpoint the issue and identify which tender types have inconsistencies.

Processor Totals
Each night, Index receives Processor Totals from your payment processor that you can review to ensure accurate payment settlement. These typically include credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), debit, EBT SNAP / EBT cash, gift cards and electronic checks. To make things easy, you can access and review 3 months of history at any point.

Index Totals
Index also provides a snapshot of each store’s total transaction count and net sales amount. You’ll see a breakdown for each store that includes all the same tender types as the Processor Totals, with the addition of eWIC, paper checks and cash. Current day totals roll up every hour, and you can access a 3 month history whenever you’d like.
Investigate Settlement Discrepancies
You can conveniently search, review and download real-time transaction data with the Index Transaction Explorer. Filter and sort by parameters like date / time, tender type, store or ticket type to easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

Date / Time
Tender Type
Transaction ID
Masked PAN
Ticket Type
Lane ID
Transaction Amount
Ticket Store
Reconcile Chargeback Issues

Select a transaction to review its specific data, along with an e-signature if one was captured, the entry method (card dip / insert, swipe, NFC) and the cashier ID. With access to this level of information, you’ll be uniquely positioned and better equipped to reconcile any chargeback issues.

Settle Customer Disputes

You can easily download custom queries for accounting and finance purposes. With a wide range of data and information at-hand, your team can more effectively address and settle customer disputes.

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