Hosted Gateway

PCI Level 1 Gateway

Cloud-Based and Fault-Tolerant

Unburden your stores from an antiquated, on-premise switch and future-proof your payments with Index. Unlike traditional solutions that require you to manage a direct processor integration or an on-premise server, Index is a cloud-based, fault-tolerant solution that requires no on-premise hardware and dramatically reduces your compliance burden.

Processing Flexibility

Maintain complete flexibility with Index cloud-based payment routing. Simply select any supported processor and Index will route your payments to the endpoint of your choice.

Multi-Tender Support

Easily accept a variety of tender types, including credit, debit, gift cards, EMV, EBT, eWIC, Electronic Checking Processing, NFC (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay) and more.

Offline Store & Forward

Offline Mode
Protect your stores from critical points of failure in a transaction, including the processor, POS, PIN pad, and internet.

Store 19,000+ transactions while offline — that’s almost 5x the weekly average (3500–4000) customers shop at a supercenter.

Distributed Architecture
If one lane goes down, the other lanes will continue to process normally.

Reduce chargebacks with high amounts by setting maximum offline sales and transaction amounts.

Simple, Web-Based Tools to Streamline Payment Reviews

Payment Routing Comparison

Security updates are dependent on the POS.
Payment and tender types are dependent on the POS.
Not fault-tolerant.
On-site maintenance is required.

On-Premise Gateway
Security updates are dependent on the gateway hardware, not the POS.
Payment and tender types are dependent on the POS.
Not fault-tolerant.
High cost of implementation and maintenance.
On-site maintenance is required.

Index Hosted Gateway
Security updates are cloud-based, and not dependent on the gateway hardware or POS.
Payment and tender types are automatically updated.
Fault-tolerant and reliable.
Zero costs for implementation and maintenance.

P2PE & 1-Second
EMV Enablement

Simplified PCI

NFC (Apple Pay
& Android Pay)

Credit, Debit, Gift Cards,

Givex, SVS, Blackhawk
& Incomm

Offline Store &
Next Payments & Security Solution

Gateway Tools

Powerful, flexible tools and rich transaction data to streamline payment reviews.