Point-to-Point Encryption

Industry-Leading 2048-Bit RSA Encryption
with No P2PE Fees

Protect Data from the Moment of Use

Index uses best-in-class, integrated encryption to secure sensitive card data from the moment of use to prevent hacking and fraud.

Index 2048-Bit RSA Encryption

Non-format preserving encryption protects the full card, which significantly improves security and reduces the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) controls for retailers to manage. This is a dramatic improvement from the industry standard format preserving encryption — a method that only encrypts part of the account number.
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Format Preserving
Index 2048-Bit RSA

Asymmetric Key Encryption
Simplifies Deployment

Public/private key pairs simplify key rotation, distribution and management while enhancing the security of the solution. This is a significant improvement from the industry standard symmetric key encryption, which employs a single key for encryption and decryption, creating security risks and substantial compliance burdens — keys must be loaded in a Key-Injection Facility (KIF), and PIN pads are subject to costly audits in transit and in storage.

Periodic Key Rotation via Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Enhances Security

A key management processes established by the U.S. Government secures the distribution, rotation and revocation of encryption keys without the logistical complexity and cost of a KIF. Index’s proprietary PIN pad applications enable secure key rotation based on configurable parameters like time and transaction count. Keys at the end of their life can be replaced with a remote update — no shipping or downtime.

Semi-Integrated Architecture Eliminates Your POS from PCI Scope

Some solutions encrypt card data but still pass it through your POS. Index not only uses best-in-class encryption for card data, but routes it directly from the payment terminal to the processor. This reduces potential points of compromise and eliminates your POS from PCI scope.

Coalfire Systems evaluated Index P2PE to the current PCI DSS 3.2 requirements and PCI P2PE v2 standards and concluded that Index P2PE is a robust solution that can be used by merchants to dramatically reduce both risk and applicability of PCI DSS controls.

Strengthen Transaction

Decrease Vulnerability
and Risk

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