Cako Bakery
Best known for its cupcakes, Cako operates 6 stores in the San Francisco Bay Area with a focus on high-quality ingredients. Cako was founded in San Francisco in 2009 by a talented team of top-tier pastry chefs and creatives. Cako’s collaboration with Index has helped the bakery deepen its existing customer relationships and establish strong new ties as it continues to rise.
POS Integration
Cako uses Revel’s leading iPad point-of-sale solution for restaurant, retail and grocery establishments, which integrates payroll, inventory tracking, CRM and more. With Revel’s Index integration, Cako has been able to enhance its robust loyalty solution and deepen its customer engagement.
iPad Customer Display
With Index, Cako has deployed a Cako-branded customer-facing iPad app used for marketing and to facilitate loyalty program sign-up. Upon checkout, the customer can provide an e-mail address to receive Cako rewards and see automated loyalty accrual, perks and redemptions.


Index helps to host and integrate Cako Rewards, a central pillar of Cako’s customer engagement strategy. Index facilitates account sign-up in-store as well as through Cako’s mobile app, and also processes the automated accrual and redemption of points. With this, Index provides rich and actionable visibility into frequency, purchase habits and spend across customers.


Cako and Index have launched a mobile app which enhances the experience in-store and out-of-store. With the Cako mobile app, customers can easily locate a nearby Cako store. When a customer arrives at Cako, the Index-powered mobile app utilizes iBeacon / Bluetooth to provide a personalized welcome which may include customized product recommendations or promotions to drive in-store discovery and seamless redemption at checkout.